The primary way to contact me is email: Note, that I process email at most once every 24 hours, so do not expect instant reply. Also, if I did not respond in two weeks, you can assume I lost email (sorry, happens) and welcome to send another copy.

When you send email to me, GNUPG encryption1 is appreciate. Here is my key2, which you should use to encrypt email, which you send to me. It is also available on keyservers:

$ gpg --recv-keys 3F870A7CA7B437312F136083749FD4DFA2E94236

Previously, I used another3 key. Here is transition statement, signed by old key4 and by new one5.


  2. armored gpg public key↩︎

  3. Deprecated key 7214B3C8D5FF8F26E12593D52E20FEEE71FC7D81↩︎

  4. transition statement signed by old key↩︎

  5. transition statement signed by new key↩︎