Tragedy in Debian, my tragedy

The latest General Resolution in Debian is over. Systemd is officially the only supported init system, everything else is “exploring alternatives”. I already wrote1, why in fact it means lack of any (sane) alternative.

Debian betrayed its own heritage, betrayed Unix spirit, and gave in to siren song of oblivious nemesis – Red Hat company. Debian decided to welcome clueless and banish hackerdom.

I should have seen it coming. It started five years ago, when systemd became default init system, but resolution of techinical comitete gave hope. And I gladly swallowed it, since it was the only hope.

Debian has favored GitLab because of its clicky-clicky interface, because it is so nice to those who did not bothered to learn git. Nobody cares that it is inconvenient for those who did, right2?

Debian adopted “code of conduct” and created “community team”. Not that they are harmful by themself, but they are bad signs.

I should have seen it coming, but year ago I sat behind my computer, days and night, triaging bugs in src:sysvinit. I thought that if I resolve them all… Lesson learned: techincal merits and software design means nothing compared to marketing, even if decision makers are developers. Debian Developers.

Maybe it is yet another mistake, but I today I choose not to learn who exactly did that. I am afraid of learning that all those nice folks, with whom I worked and who supported me during my hard times AFK, are those who did hold the hammer devastated Debian. I am not ready for this knowledge.

For long time Debian was my home and my identification, but no longer. I quit. Who am I now? I am yet to discover.

I thank Init Diversity Team, and specially Lorenzo Puliti. Live long and prosper.